This photo isn’t for free…in fact it could cost you £20,000


I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I have worked all around the world, across a broad spectrum of disciplines and within a variety of contrasting environments.   

Whether in the depths of the ocean to photograph apex predators or on a mountain's summit to capture the sun as it breaches through alpine cloud, it is the challenge of photography which draws me.

And it's not just the environment or light conditions which can present a challenge - the subject often does too! People and animals are always stimulating to photograph: they are never still for long and each shoot is as different as the personalities I aim to capture.


This year I started my own company, for the first time I discovered the challenges of making money from this passion. One of the very serious issue that effects photographers is copyright.

To take “your photo” I carry over £15,000 worth of equipment with me, the programs and hardware I used to edit your picture cost me another £4,000, my overheads and insurance costs are over £1,000. This £20,000 does not include the countless hours I have and currently spend developing my skills and pioneering new techniques.

Now whilst this particular photo didn’t cost me £20,000 this is the cost involved to creating it from scratch. So please think before you take images from me without seeking my permission, you may find yourself with a solicitors letter and a £20,000 bill.