I love the atmosphere and joy of a wedding. Capturing pictures of you, your family and friends is a privilege and one of the most rewarding experiences a photographer can have.

There’s an art to recording the flow of emotions as the day progresses, from dressing the bridge to the ceremony to the wedding breakfast and long into the night. Capturing the emotions as you experience them, together with all those priceless moments that go on around you, is what I enjoy the most.

The day and experiences are yours rather than mine. I am unobtrusive and plan around your day. My photography revolves around you and your day, not the other way around.


What makes me different?

Quite simply, passion, technique and preparation. When you meet me for the first time you’ll feel my enthusiasm I have for my work. I am not a formulaic photographer who turns up with a set routine and one eye on the clock. My wide portfolio of different photographic disciplines gives me an edge, and the experience to capture the photos that traditional wedding photographers would miss or not be capable of.

Finally, there’s all the work that you don’t see. I visit and research the venues, planning the shots and locations that you will really want. Blending both natural and artificial light, the end results are a wedding album packed with creativity and like no other. And, if you’ve a specific image or scene that you’d like to recreate on your special day I’ll deliver that for you, accompanied by my assistant who supports all my weddings. All you need to do is talk me through what you want on your special day.


My commitment to you

Finding the right photographer for you may be a challenge. Working with me is not. I will work with you and your budget to meet your requirements – you can focus on your day while I focus on you. Included in every arrangement are:

- a pre meeting to discuss photos and requirements

- a professional wedding photographer, dressed to blend in

- an assistant/second photographer

- professionally taken and processed digital images of your day

- a gallery page on our website (password protected if required) where friends and family can view and purchase photo prints


Just get in touch to discuss your own individual requirements and tell me about your plans for the day.

A high quality professional album and image printing service is also available from my proven, trusted supplier.



I aim for my photography to be available to as many as possible. Wedding collections start from just £600, with payment plans and midweek discounts also available.