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I grew up in Cambridgeshire, pretty much a countryside man through and through. I spent most of my time on my best friends farm. Being outside in the great British weather is still where I am most at home.

I don't have a strong background in Art in fact I believe my art teacher called me "un teachable". I think this is probably where my hatred of "fine art photography" comes from. I don't like pretentious photography, photographs should be a true reflection of life.

My first real contact with photography was in South Africa, my father lent me his 35mm canon. I was busy taking pictures where ever I could since then. I was then given an old Praktica camera, German made and older than me. From this point on I was hooked.

Photography then sat in the background whilst I was training to be a paramedic, mountaineering instructor and diving instructor. I moved to Australia in 2010 where I captained dive boats and began formal training as an underwater photographer. I completed a photography degree and was lucky enough to be mentored by a fantastic National Geographic photographer.

Then one day I was asked to photograph a friends wedding, I really didn't want to do it. "Wedding photography is for people that can't really take good photographs" I told him, how little I knew. He won me round (which had nothing to do with the 30 year old scotch he gave me), and so began my love of weddings, and unfortunately 30 year old scotch.

After moving back to the UK I started taking photographs of horses, its a bit of a step away from the sharks I had been used to, but they present just as much of a challenge.

So after nearly a decade of taking pictures professionally I couldn't be happier, I absolutely love my job! I have such a fantastic time creating memories for people to treasure forever!