Tristan Gale Photography: Blog en-us (C) Tristan Gale Photography (Tristan Gale Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:31:00 GMT My long term relationship and why it came to a crushing end "I can't do this any more", "I've fallen out of love", "I still love you I'm just not in love with you", "it's not you, it's me".

Well ok the last one is crap, it is you!

So I haven't lost my mind, I'm just as in love with my fiancé as I have ever been. I have however fallen completely out of love with Canon.

This is not my standard blog, I don't own a journal or diary because...well frankly I'm not a teenage girl. If you are a bride or groom reading this I highly recommend you stop now. Its going to be a waste of your time, the only people I'm willing to subject this written verbal diarrhoea to is other photographers, because frankly, they deserve it!

My love of canon cameras came from my father, I have inherited many things from him, some good and some Canon. I used his 35mm years ago, then bought my own. When I started taking pictures professionally over ten (long) years ago it was Canon I held up to my eye, but no more. Canon have always produced beautifully perfect(ish) cameras, but they just aren't innovating. They are making cameras better and better but without actually making them better. Their new mirrorless cameras...are bigger! Ok this is incorrect, the lenses are bigger....bigger! Mirrorless brings us smaller cameras, what are you doing Canon? You have produced a larger (than needed) camera, gigantic lenses and back ache.

I had to leave, what choice did I have? I tried to make it work, we tried new things, the M5. Using the beautiful L glass, but it wasn't to be,

So where do you go? Well after every bad break up you have two options...have some time to yourself, find yourself again. This is the advice I've always been given. Obviously the other answer is jump into bed with the first good looking "camera" that looks your way. For me this was Fujifilm's X100F!

Wow what a camera, why do other companies bother when this is being made? It really sung to me on a level that nothing else ever had, I had loved Canon but already they were a distant memory. I was in Wex before I could even think about it, suddenly I had sold or part exchanged all canon equipment and purchased my shiny new Fujifilm cameras. The X-T2 and X-pro2. After a year of wedding photography I couldn't be happier, I have forgotten the name Canon. Fujifilm is passionate about its cameras and the professionals using them, so its time to get passionate about a manufacturer.

No I'm not a fan boy, frankly if someone made something better in a year I'd jump ship, but I don't see it....all I see now is a medium format camera, this relationship just keeps getting better and better. I love you Fujifilm!

If you made it to the end of this rant, congratulations, here is a cat....



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Mr & Mrs Hutton | Hunters Hall | Norfolk Wedding Photography

Mr & Mrs Hutton from Tristan Gale Photography on Vimeo.

So, some weddings are quiet, tasteful, emotion filled events. Some weddings are, well, like this...enjoy!

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Rachael & Ryan | Oxfordshire Wedding Photography

Rachael & Ryan | Oxfordshire | Wedding Photography from Tristan Gale Photography on Vimeo.

Every wedding is different, people locations and emotions all vary from wedding to wedding. Rachael and Ryan are old fiends of my fiancé, it was an incredible privilege to photograph their wedding. Even if they did try to make it difficult for me by getting me drunk.

I stunning church, lunch and venue contained within a beautiful country estate in Oxfordshire. They partied hard until the early hours of the morning, a big party!

Rachael and Ryan really are fantastic together, they pulled off this fantastic country wedding in style...check out those button holes.

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Alan & Sharon | Hundred House Hotel | UK

Alan & Sharon | 5th May 2018 | Hundred House Hotel from Tristan Gale Photography on Vimeo.

 It was the hottest May bank holiday on record, and it couldn't have happened for a nicer couple. The hundred House Hotel was a beautiful venue, allowing for some lovely photos.

The day as always flew by but here is a little video (above) and few other pictures to give you a glimpse of their lovely day.


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Becca & Sam | Suffolk | Batemans Barn

Sam & Becca | Wedding | Bateman's Barn from Tristan Gale Photography on Vimeo.

So it's weddings like this that make me realise I don't actually work for a living.

For those of you whom haven't seen me work at a wedding, this is my style, I meet two people very much in love. Days, months or years before their wedding. We meet up a few times before their day and then I try to create something beautiful for them to treasure for the rest of their days.

I don't like to pose, pry or get in the way of the day, I do however like to join in! From the mid morning nerves to the post ceremony highs. Laughs, tears, rain or shine I will capture your day as it happens.

Sam and Becca are perfect, they are no nonsense, unadulterated fun! I couldn't have felt more privileged to photograph their wedding.

Here (above, because I'm terrible at make my blog do as I want) is a snapshot of their fantastic day.

Please share this around, and if you are looking for a wedding photographer that captures your day as it happens, please get in contact


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Sarah & Jamie | Wrexham, UK | Wedding

Sarah & Jamie | Wedding Photography | Wrexham from Tristan Gale Photography on Vimeo.

What an amazing day, perfect weather (for Wales), perfect people and a great place to be.

Sarah and Jamie were a stunning couple to photograph, two people couldn't be better suited!

Above is a little slideshow of but some of the pictures, enjoy!


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My favourite photograph of this year So is a photographer supposed to have favourites, can you have a favourite couple, should you advertise this? I don't really know. Do I care? Well this is more complex, obviously I never want to upset a client, so yes. Ok so now I have that sorted, I don't have a favourite couple, however I am definitely allowed a favourite photograph.
193 - Instagram - Tristan Gale Photography193 - Instagram - Tristan Gale Photography

Ok, so why is this my favourite picture this year? It isn't technically demanding, it was shot using 3 speed lights and a soft box (if any photographers reading this care). The composition is off, the kiss has missed its mark and the background dancers are exposed too much. So with all these issues; why on gods green earth is this my favourite picture this year?

One simple reason, passion! 

Now I wanted to leave this article there but I've been told that I shouldn't. Passion and emotion are why I make pictures, I've spent thousands of pounds, dollars and hours learning to capture emotive photographs for people to cherish.

This photograph symbolises raw passion to me, its a moment two people share briefly, for them it was a fleeting moment, one of many that they shared during the day, they didn't realise I was there and didn't remember it happening at all. The power of a photograph is to immortalise that moment.

Photographs like this are the reason I own a camera.


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