006 - Instagram - Tristan Gale Photography006 - Instagram - Tristan Gale Photography So, what does it cost?

Did you know the average cost of a wedding cake is £500, something that you and your guests look at briefly then devour hours later. Flowers - £550, that will unlikely live out the week.​

When the cake has been eaten, drinks have been consumed, the flowers are compost and decorations have been recycled. Your wedding album will still be a shining beacon of that special day. Your wedding album is the only item from your wedding that will increase in value.

What I am giving you are memories to last a lifetime, and an album to pass down for your children to enjoy throughout their lifetimes.

Pricing for anything related to weddings seems to be born of the dark arts, mine are very simple. Prices start from just £1,750 you can download my brochure for more information.

I do not photograph weddings to supplement my income, I do it because I absolutely love it. Every couple gets 100% of my time and focus. I photograph a limited amount of weddings a year to ensure I have the time for everyone. I am there for you every step of the way, before, during and after the wedding.

I offer discounts for black-and-white only coverage, so there hasn't been a better time to get in contactfor a full breakdown of my prices.


I do ask for a completed contract and booking fee of £250 to reserve your date.